Monday, May 23, 2011

why i love portland

Saturday afternoon my roomie Jereme and I decided that we weren't doing anything exciting in corvallis so why not head to Portland? The thing i Love about portland is that in the span of a couple blocks you can be entertained for hours! There is always something to explore and look at in portland. Love. Anyways we started our afternoon at the Saturday Market, but we got there at the tail end so we decided to just head to Powells.

Oh Powells. If you could ever get lost in a book store Powells would be the one. The thing takes up a whole block. I was instantly drawn to the 4 or 5 isles of cook books..where do i even begin with that! My roomie def did some major work....7 books later :)

Next we were planning on finding somewhere to have lunch but stumbled across something even better! The West Elm Etsy event! I had seen talk of this floating around some blogs but wasn't thinking I would be in Portland. So when i saw the sign I instantly got excited! It was so much fun! They had little treats and fun beverages. And some amazing etsy vendors.

Our favorite vendor was Rachel Austin. She did paintings on old maps. It was fascinating and beautiful. Very talented. Check out her store!

Also like Mary Kate McDevitt's Shop. How cute are these little chalkboards! Cute gift idea!

After our excitement of the little event we found we headed to find lunch. We settled on Rouge. Now neither of us our beer drinkers. And yet both us wish we could find one beer we can drink. We settled on Rouge's gin (who knew they made gin!) it was delish. But in our excitement of the day we decided that we can't be at Rouge and not at least attempt to drink beer. So the sampler came and out of the four mini samples we finished 2. Yep between the two of us. It was safe to say that we were beered out the time we finished them.

After lunch we went into a couple little shops then headed back to Corvy. Over all, great little afternoon trip to the city. Sigh...someday i'll call it home...someday...

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