Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh weekends... why are you over so soon...

For once I actually took it easy on Friday night. Thursday’s late night girls nite took it out of me and I was more then happy to get to bed at 10. I know, kinda lame for a Friday but totally worth it. Saturday was an errand day and I had some shopping and prep to do for a Birthday party I was helping decorate for. I spent the afternoon making a pretty cool birthday sign and watching No Strings Attached. It was def a movie that I thought might have potential to be kind of cute and it was. Nothing too special but an entertaining movie. After the movie we stopped by and watched some friends in a softball tournament.
And after being in the cold my roomies and another friend headed to salem to have dinner at my moms restaurant. It was delish. But who doesn’t love Sushi!? Yum!!! And we got a major hook up from the mamma :) Once we got back we watched Toy Story 3. I still hadn’t seen it! And it was adorable! So good and the rumors were all true. Def was tearing at the end! After that I headed out to Block 15. Another traditional spot for me to be at on a weekend night.

Sunday I headed to Salem again to decorate for a birthday party. I think my sign turned out pretty cute. It was some simple decorating but I think it definitely made a statement and made the space a little more festive . Sadly my pictures did not turn out very well. The windows were not helping me and after my first attempt I got distracted and forgot to take some more. All well.... After getting back from Salem it was nap time then I watched my 3rd movie of the weekend. The new Harry Potter. Ummm talk about intense!! It was so good! And a nice way to end a pretty okay weekend.

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