Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where did Tuesday go?

Wow…I was so busy today that I didn’t even have time to blog! And for those of you who know me..not having time for my daily blogging regime says just exactly how busy I was. Anyways…looks like my busy weekend translated right into my week. But I must say the long three day weekend was just what I needed. A perfect mix of fun and productiveness. I do wish I could have gotten one more day though. Would have really been prepared for the week. Ehh..all well..i always get through it one way or another.

Friday I headed up to salem for a little family time and was able to catch up with an old family friend. We’ve grown up together so it’s a little weird to be out and about having cocktails with him. But it was nice to catch up :)

Saturday I Finally got a haircut! Long overdue! I took quite a bit of length off! Proud of my myself! Then headed up to Portland for an evening full of good cocktails, good friends, and good entertainment. We hit up the Barrel room. And I totally love it! Dueling piano bar with a live band! Talk about talent. However I was a little disappointed that my request didn’t get played. Who doesn’t love a little Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

The next morning..well afternoon the best an I had a Beautiful Sunday brunch at The Daily Café in the Pearl. Love. Love. Great Bruch and was in love with the cute little café. After that it was a day of running around and errands in preparation for the 12 million events I have going on the next two weeks.

But it ended quite nicely with a trip by the Willamette National Cemetery to visit my dad. It after all was Memorial Day weekend. When I was growing up we would always go visit on memorial day. They put flags up at every headstone. Its an amazing, touching site. I have often made the trip up alone a few times a year to just sit and reflect. Is it weird that this place is one of the most calming places for me? I always feel so at peace. This is usually a place of sadness and closure. As I was driving out I drove by the new sites that didn’t even exists when I made my first visits. The mothers and fathers and children in tears. The pain still so fresh. My heart went out to them. It takes so long to get over the loss of someone. It’s been almost 14 years but I still know exactly how it felt to be in that moment, in that place. To wonder what would happen now, how to go on. And even though I without a doubt would do anything to have my father back I know that because of this unfortunate unlucky time in my life I would not be who I am today. Knowing that when life’s worst comes knocking on your door that it could always be worse. It’s the people you surround yourself with, your faith, and the truth that things will go on, that life does go on and you will get through this. That’s what allows you to keep going, to wake up, to fight through the pain. Because one day, could be many years later, you will be able to look back and see exactly why you had to go though such an event. It makes you humble, it makes your grateful, and it makes you thankful. I know it’s not memorial day anymore but I hope everyone was able to take a moment and understand what the day meant to understand those who have fought for this country and lost their lives. And to remember those who are not with us anymore.

Love you forever and always daddy.

Hope everyone had a simply wonderful tuesday.

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